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I haven’t abandoned this blog! Promise!

I’ve been absent a lot, yes, but I have reasons.  For various financial reasons my job as an au pair is no more, and rather than switch to a new family I have been traveling in France, and am in New York now.  Will be back in Florida at the end of the week, and then will be either re-vamping this blog to include more, or making a new one that combines my personal blog with this one.  Dunno yet.  But I’m still here.  =D


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Sorry about the lack of posts; I was in London and forgot to leave a post saying I’d be gone for a long weekend =/

Had fun though, so that’s good.  I’ll write up a proper post tomorrow when I have more time.  Chicken noodle soup or homemade enchiladas.  Both are recipes I’ve been meaning to type up and keep forgetting about.  =]


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Feminist Friday Quick Clicks, 10 and Open Thread


This list is short.  Sorry- most of what I’ve read this week wasn’t particularly share-worthy (imo) or filtered into my Google Reader at a time when I was just skimming.  Anyone have any links or stories to tell?

Also, hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving =]

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Feminist Friday Quick Clicks, 9

Awesome: “Starting December 14, 2009, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine will no longer be a required vaccination for immigrant women and girls.”

For those looking for stores to boycott over the holiday season, here’s a list of the stores that say ‘Merry Christmas’ and those who are more inclusive, choosing a ‘Happy Holidays.’

Meet the Predators“: a post on who rapes.

Glenn Beck, still being an asshole, compares universal healthcare to rape (are you kidding me?) using the Polanski case for an analogy that doesn’t even make sense to anyone who’s read or seen or knows ANYTHING about that case.

Two recent diagrams from Indexed that I liked.

John Stewart on Palin’s book tour, or whatever.

Tampa (the city I’m from) adds transgender protections to its nondiscrimination ordinance.

Chaz Bono in an interview on abc news: “…gender is between your ears, not between your legs…”

You don’t even need to see the before and after shots to see what a terrible, impossible photoshop job this was.  An entire chunk of Demi Moore’s hip is missing (quite obviously) in order to make her appear even thinner.

After all that crap they put her through, Caster Semanya will be allowed to keep her title.

Oprah plans to end her show in 2011 and start a new one on her own channel.


[Edited to include links I’d forgotten to insert prior to the scheduled time this was posted for.]

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Swine Flu

Regular posting will begin again when I am feeling better.  =/


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Feminist Friday Quick Clicks, 8

This is, of course, also an open thread.  And sorry to be posting this so late, I need to learn not to let my computer troubles get the best of me.

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Feminist Friday Quick Clicks, 7: Open Thread!

Fuck.  Okay so I had a ton of tabs open in my internet browser meaning to insert them into this post right up until three days ago, and my computer crashed and I lost them.  Furious.  Especially since I normally make sure to insert and save them into the post as soon as I find them and decide to use them as I’m aware of the fact that my laptop is old and crashes often.  I did not, however, learn from this mistake and my computer crashed again last night after I found some more to post.  And now I am just too tired and annoyed to find them again.  So here is an open thread for anyone on here to post what ever they are reading/writing/cooking/crocheting or whatever else you want to blogvertise.  Go for it.

November 6, 2009 at 6:00 am 2 comments

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