Welcome to Cook & Hook!

This is a blog for people who enjoy cooking and crocheting (and any other crafts we feel like sharing along the way) and want to share advice on recipes, patterns, and techniques.  Comments, conversations, critiques, and reviews are always more than welcome.  No promises that you’ll like everything recipe or pattern posted, but it’s always fun to read up new ideas, yes?

About Ariel!

Hej!  I am a 21 yr old Jewish-American au pair in Denmark who enjoys feminism, politics, reading/writing, coffee, Sudoku, and of course, cooking and hooking (the crocheting kind.)  One of my duties as an au pair (other than looking after two adorable little girls) is to cook the family dinner every night.  After struggling to translate Danish cookbooks into English recipes for a week (okay, maybe two) I decided to start making my own dishes, with help from the internet and willing friends and family members.  So far so good =]  Anyway, I make my recipes for three hungry adults and one kid (the other kid I help take care of will eat nothing but bread and various spreads,) and the dishes are usually flexible enough to use whatever meats or veggies are available in the house.  My crochet patterns are made to fill my whims.

About Haley!

Hi, I’m a 21 year old Junior History Major at the University of South Florida. I enjoy reading/writing, video games, linguistics, coffee, baking, cooking, and crocheting. One of my responsibilities as a college student living at home is to prepare dinner on the days that I am not in class. Since this dinner has to be something my picky little sisters and my even pickier father will eat, there isn’t really much of interest that I cook during the school year. When I do post recipes they are designed for three adults and two children, generally with room for leftovers for lunch for two adults the next day. The dishes that I make from scratch are usually family recipes from my fathers Italian family. I crochet pretty randomly, and almost always modify patterns I’ve found elsewhere.


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  • 1. cavemancooking  |  November 11, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    🙂 Hello, ladies. I’m laughing because I thought the “Hook” part had something to do with fishing! AFter all, my two favortie subjects are food and fishing. LOL
    Nice site, btw.


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