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Flower Hats

My latest crocheting project is hats for my host kids and host mom.  I found the flowers in The Happy Hooker” by Debbie Stoller, so if you want the pattern for those you can find them on pages 242 & 243.  That hats are super easy, I made each in a day (I have a lot of free time.)

Flower Hats

(Using a J hook, worsted weight wool, and working in spiral rounds)

  1. Chain 4
  2. DC 8 in loop. (8)
  3. DC 2 in ea st. (16)
  4. DC 2 in ea st. (32)
  5. HDC around (32.  To prevent ruffling and because I like changes in texture.)
  6. *DC 2, DC in next 3* rpt. (40.  For the kids I stopped increasing here.)
  7. *DC 2, DC in next 2* rpt (48)
  8. DC around
  9. HDC around
  10. Continue DCing rounds alternating every 2 or 3 rows with a HDC round until it covers the tops of the ears of the person it is for, ending in a HDC (even if it isn’t an even count.)  I’m pretty sure both of my hats ended up being between 16 and 18 rounds total.

Oh, and the flowers are safety pinned on, not sewn on (though you can do as you like, of course) just in case they aren’t feeling the flower at any given time.



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