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October 14, 2009 at 10:32 am Leave a comment

I started this blog post about fourteen cups of coffee ago and while this page has been blank I have: made a fort with the kids, played Wii with the kids, made lunch, prepared dinner for the road (driving to Copenhagen tonight,) played outside with the kids,  washed/folded/sorted laundry while the kids drew, and more or less watch the house be destroyed by the tornado that is ‘play time’ then cleaned it up again.  We are leaving to drive down to Copenhagen in one hour and I haven’t packed yet.  Because I won’t really be posting this weekend (except for Feminist Friday Quick Clicks which is scheduled to post as usual) I wanted to get one in today.  Only I don’t really have anything cooking or crocheting related to blog about*.  Lo and behold, new category: Book.  Because it rhymes.  But I’m not changing the title of the blog because Book, Cook, & Hook just sounds ridiculous.  Anyway I’m thinking of starting up a book club or something to go in it.  Who knows.

* Starred because I actually now do have something cooking related to discuss (and am too lazy to start a new blog post to do it in.  Check out this fantastic tip my host mom gave me for packing quesadillas (haha, I win.  nom nom) so that we can eat them on the road: put them in coffee filters.  Thats it.  Brilliant though, imo.



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